How do I edit or delete an exercise I created?

You can edit any exercise you have personally added to your database, and you can delete personal exercises, as well. Here's how.

On the Web

  • Click on the "Exercise" tab, then click "My Exercises." Search for the exercise you'd like to edit or delete, then click on that item in the search results. Update the details in the area to the right, and click "Save Changes." Click "Delete" to remove the exercise from your database.

In our iOS and Android apps

  • To edit a personal exercise, in the Menu (or "More" page) tap Settings, then "My Exercises." Select an exercise item in that list to edit the details.

To delete a personal exercise from that list:

  • iPad, iPhone or Android users, tap the circular red button next to the exercise then tap "Delete."

Last Updated: May 30, 2019 10:13AM PDT

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