Total Daily Calorie partners: should I change the way I use MyFitnessPal now that I've linked accounts?

Once you have linked your account with an App Gallery partner that measures your full day's calorie use, it's important that you log your food and exercise only with MyFitnessPal. We will sync your food and exercise diary information to the partner site for you. Logging food or exercise yourself on the partner website is unnecessary, and may lead to incorrect Net Calorie Goal adjustments. 

The exception to this is our integration with BodyMedia. BodyMedia users who remove their armband for 30 minutes or longer for exercise such as swimming, should record that exercise in the BodyMedia Activity Manager. No other manual logging of exercises is necessary when integrating with BodyMedia
Unfortunately, there is a known issue with MyFitnessPal's integration with Striiv that prevents this integration from successfully accounting for manually logged exercises in your MyFitnessPal Exercise Diary. If you are integrating with Striiv, logging additional exercises at MyFitnessPal will result in a Striiv Calorie Adjustment that removes the additional calories from your Diary.
Please note that if you are wearing a step-based tracker such as Fitbit, we recommend that you not manually log any exercise to your MyFitnessPal Exercise Diary that these devices excel at tracking: this includes walking, jogging, running, climbing stairs or hills, or daily home or office activity. These will be more accurately recorded by the device and will then transfer to MyFitnessPal as part of your Calorie Adjustment
We recommend that you manually log to MyFitnessPal any exercise that your step-based tracker's system will have trouble detecting accurately, such as rowing, cycling, and of course activities like swimming during which you cannot wear the device.

Please contact the manufacturer for the best guidance on the use of any particular App Gallery device.

Last Updated: Apr 01, 2019 02:27PM PDT

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