Known Issues: Android App

If the issue you're reporting is listed below, it's on our radar and under investigation. Where appropriate, we will note any temporary workarounds. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by these issues. In all cases, a fix is in the works.

If your issue is not listed below, please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app first, as this often resolves unexpected issues. ​If that doesn't resolve things, please send us an email about the issue so we can address it!

We will update this article each time we release a fix for any issue described here.

Bug:  Recent/Frequent list is empty since 6.9.1 update.  DROID-8198
  • Fix coming in version 6.9.3.  In the mean time, a reinstall should resolve this issue for now.
Bug:  Food and Exercise not syncing between app and site DROID-8077​

Bug:  Step count not syncing from S-Health to MFP SERVS-3844​

Bug:  Erroneous S-Health adjustment when exercise is added SERVS-3884​

Bug:  Landscape view doesn't recognize custom nutrient columns DROID-7083

Fix in 6.9.2: Search results are incorrect for Russian products DROID-8156 
Fixed in 6.9:  Black screen when adding to Diary & "MFP stopped unexpectedly" error. DROID-7929
Fixed:  Some users are receiving an error message when attempting to log into app.DROID-8062
Fixed:  Some eligible users are unable to join Challenges. SERVS-3848
Fixed in 6.5 Multi-add wont add yesterday's meal DROID-7786
Fixed in 6.4.2 Users are having syncing issues between the app and website. DROID-7730

Last Updated: Feb 21, 2017 03:43PM PST

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