Known Issues: iOS App

If the issue you're reporting is listed below, it's on our radar and under investigation. Where appropriate, we will note any temporary workarounds. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused by these issues. In all cases, a fix is in the works.
If your issue is not listed below, please try uninstalling and reinstalling the app first, as this often resolves unexpected issues. ​If that doesn't resolve things, please send us an email about the issue so we can address it!

We will update this article each time we release a fix for any issue described here.

Bug: Some users are unable to join the current challenge iOS-11151

Bug: PREM - Macro gram/percentage not changing when tapped in Landscape iOS-11206

Bug: Users report all of the data in their account is missing (but comes back later after reinstall) iOS-11278

Bug: Notification Inbox not updating with new notifications SERVS-5446

Bug:  Linking Facebook from iOS app not working/data not syncing from MyFitnessPal to Facebook IOS-9920

Bug:  iSmoothRun not updating to MyFitnessPal. Error appears after tapping Save and Export in iSmoothRun iOS-9159

Bug: Apple Health showing duplicate/erroneous calorie information iOS-9280

Bug:  Last 7 Days view in Nutrition shows Today's goal rather than 7 day average. iOS-7836
Fixed: Users are prompted to update their goals daily SERVS-5504
Fixed: New Recipes are not saving and edited recipes are disappearing or not updating SERVS-5488
Fixed: Crash at startup iOS-9937 (iPhoneX) IOS-9754​ (others)
Fixed: Not receiving premium export emails with "All Time" as selected time frame. SERVS-5448
Fixed: The + button on the Home Screen is off set when tapped iOS-10754
Fixed: Search not working on the Blog  SERVS-5374
Fixed: News Feed not loading new posts SERVS-5419

Fixed: Weight loss progress amount on More screen is incorrect when using kg or Stones iOS-10520
Fixed: Restaurant Logging not working SERVS-5418
Fixed: Email verification isn't working for some users FS-2943​
Fixed: Barcode scanner is non-responsive on the iPad Pro iOS-10910

Fixed: With iOS as the step source, logging an individual exercise creates 2nd adjustment line iOS-9612
Fixed: Users are unable to view one another's diaries/copy meals. SERVS-5307
Fixed:  Premium user but still see ads in News Feed IOS-10381​
Fixed: Unknown error when trying to accept data consents. iOS-10221
Fixed: Keyboard closes when attempting to add recipe ingredients iOS-9498

Last Updated: Mar 22, 2019 06:35PM PDT

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