How does the Recipe Importer in the iOS and Android apps work?

The Recipe Importer feature allows you to quickly import recipes from popular recipe websites, or to easily match lists of manually entered ingredients to food items in our database.

You can create a new recipe in two areas of the app:
  • While logging food , tap the "Recipes" tab, then scroll down and tap "Create a New Recipe"
  • In the Menu (or "More" screen) tap "My Recipes & Foods," then tap "+" while viewing the "Recipes' tab
Next, choose to "Add from the Web" of "Enter Ingredients Manually"

Adding From the Web:

In this option, you will be shown shortcuts to several popular recipe website. You may also manually enter another recipe site to browse, or paste in the exact URL of a recipe copied from your device's web browser.

Once you have reached a page showing a recipe's ingredients and instructions, tap the "Import Recipe" button, then continue to the "Confirming Ingredients" step, below.

Entering Ingredients Manually:

In this option, you can type in your list of ingredients, or paste them in from another source.
Please use a standard ingredient format, for example:

3 cups chicken broth
1 pound chicken breast, cubed
2 large carrots, diced

You may also add some or all of your manual ingredients by scanning a barcode on the food packaging.
The barcode button may be obscured by your on-screen keyboard, if you have begun typing in ingredients.
To reveal the barcode button again:
On iOS, swipe down from just above the keyboard to push it off the screen
On Android, tap the "Back" button on your device to hide the keyboard.

Confirming Ingredients:

Once your list of ingredients is imported from the web or entered by you, tap the check mark in the top right of the screen.

Your barcode-scanned ingredients are pre-matched, and any additional ingredients will be matched as closely as possible to items in our food database.

Tap on any item that is not a good match, and you will be able to perform a search to refine the accuracy of that ingredient. Just tap "Search for an Alternative," and we'll show you other likely options.

Our tool is learning all the time, and we currently have a 90% or better match-rate. As more users import and verify their recipes, the tool will improve even faster.

Once all items are matched in the list, tap the check mark in the top right and choose "Save" or "Save & Log It". "Save" will store the recipe in your Recipe Box for later logging, "Save & Log It" saves the recipe, but also asks to which meal you'd like to add the recipe.

To edit or delete a saved recipe, please see these instructions.
Last Updated: Jul 09, 2019 09:12AM PDT

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