Microsoft Band Issues

Sunday, July 9 2018, 12:54 am PST

Our apologies for any issues that you are experiencing with the Microsoft Band. We have a few longstanding issues with this integration, about which our members should be aware.  

Behaviors you may be experiencing are listed below:

Behavior: Users are getting an error "Hmmm something went wrong..." when attempting to link MSFT & MFP.
Workaround: N/A SERVS-5160

Behavior:  If you are using the Microsoft Band to track your daily steps as well as physical activity you may notice that your Calorie Adjustment is set back to 0 after performing an exercise.
Workaround:  We would encourage you to stop tracking steps with the Microsoft band if you mainly use it to track your exercise (cycling, running, hiking, etc.)

Behavior:  If you have enabled negative calorie adjustments while using an all day tracker prior to purchasing the Microsoft Band you, you will notice that your adjustment becomes negative after tracking an exercise with your band.  
Workaround:  Until we are able to update the program with the option to disable negative adjustments, you can resolve this by reconnecting the prior all day tracker, disabling negative adjustments, and then disconnecting this tracker again.

Behavior:  When attempting to disconnect the Microsoft Band from the MyFitnessPal side, and members click disconnect, the page reloads but the two programs are not disconnected.  HTML-1522​

Behavior:  Some members are unable to choose their Microsoft Band as their Primary Step Source.  When viewing the Step Source menu, Microsoft Band is not showing as an available option.  SERVS-1863

We know these issues have been around for a long time, and apologize for any frustration that we are sure this causes.  We continue to work with our team, so that they know that these open tickets are still affecting our members, but at this time do not have an ETA on issue resolution.  Thank you for your patience.


MyFitnessPal Staff


Last Updated: Jul 09, 2018 01:10PM PDT

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