What are a volunteer forum moderator's responsibilities?

Be Active in the Community

  • Help welcome new members to the site. Ideally, we'd love to get at least one reply to every "Introduce myself" topic created just so that no one feels left out. Our members take care of that for the most part, but if the mods could check periodically and see if anyone got missed, it would help make sure that people's first experience on the MFP forums is a positive one.

  • Help answer technical support questions and alert us if there are any major ones that seem to be going unanswered. Again, for the most part, all of our members help to ensure that the vast majority of technical support questions get answered, but there are some that fall through the cracks. If the mods could just help review the topics periodically and answer any they can, it would be a big help. Our Customer Support staff will make every effort to respond to questions in the technical support area that have gone longer than 24 hours without a response, but if you see a question that hasn't been answered yet, please feel free to offer your expertise. 

  • Help collect feedback and suggestions about ways we can improve the site. On a regular basis, we'll try to take the top items and implement them. The mods can help become the voice of the MyFitnessPal community in helping to determine new features for the site. 

  • Participate regularly in the “Mods Only” forum to report problem users, discuss issues in the forums, share insights and feedback and work together with your fellow moderators

Main Forum Moderation

  • Help ensure that our community guidelines are followed by reviewing and responding to abuse reports.

  • As a forum moderator, you'll have to step into situations where emotions are running high, and tempers are flaring and figure out how to diffuse them. It's a difficult job that requires a delicate hand.
T o learn more about how to volunteer, please see this article
Last Updated: Oct 31, 2018 10:19AM PDT

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