What is the “Ad-Free” feature of MyFitnessPal Premium?

MyFitnessPal’s core features will always be presented at no cost to our users. To provide our health and fitness tools for free, we place advertisements in various locations on our website and in our mobile apps.

When you upgrade to MyFitnessPal Premium, one benefit of your subscription is the removal of all third-party advertising content from your MyFitnessPal experience.

What goes away?

  • Banner ads on Web and Android

  • Community ads (Forums and Groups)

  • Newsfeed ads (aka “Sponsored Posts”) on Web, Android and iOS

    • Please note that Newsfeed links to recent MyFitnessPal Blog posts are not examples of third-party advertising. Links to MyFitnessPal-created blog content are not removed as part of the “Ad Free” feature of Premium

    • Similarly, any third party brand specific content or creative related to Sponsored Challenges is not categorized as third-party advertising. Challenges are opt-in competitions open to both Premium and non-Premium users

    Ads placed on the MyFitnessPal Blog page

    • Premium users will not see advertisements in the Blog section of the MyFitnessPal apps for iOS and Android

    • Due to technical limitations, Premium users who visit the Blog on the Web may see ads in the blog under certain circumstances, for up to seven days. If you are a Premium member, and logging in to your MyFitnessPal account does not remove ads from the Web version of the blog, please contact our Premium Support team for assistance.

If you’d like to use MyFitnessPal without commercial interruptions, consider upgrading to Premium.

The Ad Free experience is one of many beneficial features that are part of MyFitnessPal Premium. To review all of Premium’s features, please see this article.

Last Updated: Dec 11, 2015 09:09AM PST

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