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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The Macros In Diary Feature


Premium members can now see a macronutrient breakdown for every meal they log right inside their diary. Best of all, it’s easy to switch back and forth between grams and percentages! Some reasons users are going to love this include, getting immediate feedback on the meals you track, as well as,learning how each meal contributes to your daily macronutrient goals.

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How Do I Use This Feature?

 You don't need to do anything except log food to use this feature if you are already a Premium member. If you are not a Premium member yet, please click here to learn more. 

Your macro breakdowns fo reach meal will show up in the meal headers only after you have logged something for that specific meal slot. Check out the pics below to see examples of what they look like on each platform.





Can I Turn Macros By Meal Off?

Yes, you can turn this feature off ​from​ the Diary Settings screen. Get to the Diary Settings screen in your device by using the instructions below.

iOS - Tap "More", then "Settings", followed by "Diary Settings". Finally, toggle the "Show Macros By Meal" switch to off.

Android -Tap the Menu Bar (three horizontal lines on the top left of the screen), then "Settings", followed by "Diary Settings". Finally, toggle the "Show Meal Macros"l switch to off.

Web - From the "My Home" screen, click "Settings", then "Diary Settings". Finally, uncheck "switch between grams and percentages". Note: you cannot fully turn off this feature here, you can only decide to have your diary shown in grams.

How Can I Switch Between Grams And Percentages?

With a single tap (or click) on the blue header bar, you can switch back and forth between grams and percentages. It’s helpful to see your macronutrients in grams to know if you’re getting enough of a certain macronutrient (how much protein did I eat during lunch?). Percentages are helpful when you trying to balance out your macronutrients (what’s the macronutrient breakdown of this sandwich?)

What Do The Percentages Represent?

Individual meal macros will always add up to 100%, to show the relative amounts of fat, carbs, and protein you have eaten based off of total calories eaten per meal. It will not reflect how much of a macronutrient you still need to consume to meet your calorie goals: that information can be seen in the Nutrient Summary view in the Daily tab of the Home screen on iPhone or Android.
Last Updated: Jul 09, 2019 11:19AM PDT

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