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We put together a Weekly Digest about your nutrition, exercise, and steps from the previous week.

(Please note: This feature is rolling out slowly and only available in the US currently, so don't worry if you don't see it quite yet.)

You may be thinking, "What’s the Weekly Digest?"

We create a report of your last 7 days of logging so you can get a better understanding of your eating habits, exercise routine, and steps over the previous week. Have a great week? You'll see all your data flying off the charts. Have an off week and you can easily see where you can improve over the next 7 days. Some of the custom data categories we provide to you are Total Calories Consume vs. your Weekly Calorie Goal, Frequently Logged Foods, and Total Exercise Calories Burned, just to name a few. See below to learn more about your Weekly Digest.

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How is my data generated?

We begin creating your Weekly Digest at a fixed time each Sunday. All of the data points you see are a snapshot of your account at the time we started generating your report.   If you make any changes to your account after we generate your Weekly Digest (for example, logging food for previous days, syncing your steps, changing your goals, etc) you should see them reflected in your report.  


How is my Weekly Calorie Goal calculated?

We calculate your Weekly Calorie Goal by adding up the calories from each of your daily calorie goals. If you have exercise calories turned on, we'll include any exercise calories you burn in your Weekly Calorie Goal. If you're a Premium member who has turned off exercise calories, we will not include any exercise calories you burn in your Weekly Calorie Goal.  We also take any step calorie adjustments into account for this calculation.

How are my Exercise Calories Burned calculated?

We calculate your Exercise Calories Burned by adding up the calories from each exercise you log. This number does not include any step calories.

How do you choose my Frequently Logged Foods?

We display the three foods you ate most often during the week the digest covers. In the case of a tie, the food with the highest number of calories will be shown. For example - if we still need to fill the spot for your third food - and you ate apples, celery, and brownies five times during the week - we’ll display the brownies in that third spot. The names you see posted are the food descriptions which we pull right from your diary.

How do you create my streak prediction?

We check to see what your streak was when we began generating your report on Sunday. We then calculate what your streak will be if you log-in every day during the next week. If you don’t log in on Sunday, or any day during the next week, your streak will be reset to 0.


How does changing my meal names impact my report?

Please note that any changes you’ve made to your meal names this week may impact the data you see in your report. To see a complete picture of your data from the previous week you might need to change your meal names back to whatever you had them set at last week.

How can I stop receiving the Weekly Digest Email?

In our iPad, iPhone, and Android apps ( Must be on iOS 7.2/Android 6.2 or later )

  • In the Menu (or "More" page)
  • Tap "Settings"
  • Then "Sharing & Privacy" 
  • Then "Email Settings"
  • Uncheck the box that reads "Weekly Digest" to stop receiving them

Tap the "✓" icon when you are done

On the Web

First, log into your account on our website at www.myfitnesspal.com.


  • Click "My Home"
  • Then "Settings"
  • Then "Change email address/email preferences" 
  • Uncheck the box that reads "Weekly Digest" to stop receiving them
Click the green "Save Changes" icon when you are done

Please note: It can take up to 72 hours for any outbound email changes to take effect. 

How Can I Stop Receiving the Weekly Digest Notification Message in the app?

At this time there is no way to turn off these alerts from within the app. You can mark alerts as read and delete them from your list, but there is no setting to turn them off completely.  


Turning push notifications off will prevent you from seeing these updates on your lock screen. However, you will still receive these notifications in-app. You can also choose to turn off badge notifications (on iOS) for MFP within the phone settings.

Why did I stop receiving my Weekly Digest email/app notification?

We send the Weekly Digest to users who have logged at least one food in the past two weeks. If you stopped receiving your digest, it might be because you haven't logged any food during this period. If you begin logging food again, you'll begin receiving your digest again.

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Last Updated: Apr 24, 2019 04:11PM PDT

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