How to tag or mention members

One way to get a member's attention is to tag them in a post. If the member has the notification setting 'Notify me when people mention me' checked they will receive a notification that they were tagged. Tags can also be used as an easy way to identify a particular member you are talking about or to create a link to a member's profile.

Tagging works by placing an @ before the person's username.  Just make sure there isn't a space between the @ symbol and the username.  Once you start typing a username, you'll see a list of usernames populate.  You can also tag multiple people by separating their usernames with spaces.  For example @user1 @user2 @user3, etc.

To adjust your notification 
preferences, just follow these steps:

• On the Web:  Click the 'Community' tab at the top of the page.  Then click the 'bell icon,' and select 'Notification Preferences.'  Make sure 'Notify me when people mention me' is selected.  

• On the App:  Select 'more,' then click 'community.'  Once you're in the community, select the 'bell icon' and click on 'notification preferences.'   Make sure 'Notify me when people mention me' is selected. 

Please keep our community guidelines in mind when mentioning other users.

13. Participation


  • I will use reactions to participate positively.
  • I will flag content appropriately.
  • I will @ mention a member to share something awesome.


  • I won’t use the spam or abuse flags because I don’t like someone.
  • I won’t misuse the spam or abuse flags.
  • I won’t use reactions in a hurtful manner.
  • I won’t use mentions (@) to call out other members in a negative way.

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2018 03:42PM PDT

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