How do reactions work?

Reactions allow members to quickly react in different ways to discussions or comments. The Reactions can be used to highlight interesting discussions, suppress abusive or spam comments, and create more nuanced reputation profiles.  Users can receive badges for receiving positive Reactions such as “Like”, “Awesome,” "Insightful", "Inspiring", or "Woo".
Positive reactions were enabled with the intent to provide an additional positive element to the forums and should be used in a manner that supports our Community Guidelines.

With that said, any “Like”, “Awesome,” "Insightful", "Inspiring", or "Woo" reaction that is used on a post that breaks our guidelines will be subjected to removal or a warning. It is not ok to promote posts that violate the guidelines and users that do so will be held accountable as well as the original poster.

13. Participation


  • I will use reactions to participate positively.
  • I will flag content appropriately.
  • I will @ mention a member to share something awesome.


  • I won’t use the spam or abuse flags because I don’t like someone.
  • I won’t misuse the spam or abuse flags.
  • I won’t use reactions in a hurtful manner.
  • I won’t use mentions (@) to call out other members in a negative way.

For more information about ‘Spam’ or ‘Abuse,' please see this article.
Last Updated: Oct 30, 2018 03:46PM PDT

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