How do I report inappropriate users?

We care deeply about having a site that is a safe, healthy, and supportive place for our members.  We rely on the help of users like you to report concerns about anyone using the site in a way that violates our site's Terms and Conditions.

If you wish to report another user, please contact us here.
Or contact an MFP Staff member.


To block private messages:

By default, any user of MyFitnessPal can send a message to any other user. However, it is possible to block a user from sending email messages to you. This feature is currently available only via our website, but any user blocked there will also be blocked from your inbox on our apps, as well.

To prevent a user from sending you further email, you must have a message from that user in your inbox.

Log in to your account at Mobile app users should log in using the same username and password they use in the app.

Once you’ve logged in, click “My Home” then “Mail” to visit your inbox. Click the email message from the user you wish to block.

When the message opens, you will see a “Block User” link just above the message content. Click this link to prevent further communication from this user.

* Please note that if you still have this user on your friends list, they will still be able to see your profile, they just won’t be able to send you private messages anymore.


To adjust your account privacy:

When you join MyFitnessPal you are joining a community-based program, and other members can view some of your information.

If you add a friend, they will be able to see your newsfeed updates, including the amount of weight you've lost, but never your current weight. You may choose to limit the kinds of updates that appear on your newsfeed.

Your food diary is private, by default, but you may choose to make this visible to your friends or to all users.

If you would prefer not to have your profile page visible to other users on the site, you can change your profile privacy settings.

On the website:

Log into your account with your email and password.

Click ‘Settings’ at the top of the page.

Once settings are open, select ‘Privacy settings’.

Here you can select one of four options:  Everyone, MyFitnessPal Members Only, My Friends Only and Myself Only.

Mobile users, please login to the website to make the changes for your profile.  Any changes made there will be saved on your mobile device as well.

Please note that even with a profile set to "Myself Only," another member may send you a Friend Request. You may accept or refuse this request, or click the small triangle under their photo in the Friend Request screen, and choose "Block User" to prevent future contact.

For complete details on our privacy policy please visit this link.


Last Updated: Jun 26, 2017 11:16AM PDT

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