Android App Navigation Updates

Our Android app has been hard at work shedding weight in some areas while still "making gainz" in others. Here's a breakdown of what's new...

Version 6.22

         In version 6.22, our team added direct access to the settings menus on the Diary and Nutrition pages. You can access these new menu entry points by reading below.

  • (From the diary screen) Tap the three horizontal dots (Kabab menu icon, yup! that's what it is called), you will now see the 4th option of Diary Settings listed along with the options to Add Water, Add Note, or Complete Diary

  • (From the Nutrition Screen) Tap the Gear icon located on the top right corner of this screen. 

Version 6.23

          Version 6.23 helps Private Messages find a new home inside your Notifications Inbox (Bell Icon on Home page). When tapping on the Notification Inbox bell icon, users will now see two tabs listed up top: Notifications & Messages. 

Version 6.24

         Say "Hello!" to your new Navigation bar!  Users on 6.24 and later will now see a new Nav bar located at the bottom of there screen consisting of Home, Diary, and Me tabs. Use these to navigate faster, stay on top of your logging, and get back to killin' it at life!

Version 6.25

        This update was all about you, and by you we mean we added to your "Me" screen. From your new Me screen dashboard, users will have easy access to their goals, progress towards goal, friends, app & devices, as well as past challenges. Tapping on the new "My Items" tab takes you to your created Meal, Recipes, Foods, Cardio Exercises, and Strength Exercises. Finally, the "My Posts" screen will jump right to your personal newsfeed. Tapping the gear icon in the top right of any Me screen will take you to your Settings for quick edits to any fields.

Last Updated: Oct 25, 2017 01:46PM PDT

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