Fitbit Sync Issue - FIXED

Tuesday, 12/19/2017, 9:00am PST


Our genuine apologies any frustration with data not syncing between MyFitnessPal and Fitbit between Saturday night and Monday night.  Our systems have completed worked through the large backlog of sync requests, and everything should now be resumed as normal.  

This Fitbit sync issue is due to a larger site-wide failure that happened over the weekend.  While we got the majority of the program up and running like normal the day it happened, it took a few days for us to ensure the state of our service is completely stable before Fitbit sync was able to resume successfully.  

If you're still having any trouble, you can reach our support team here.

Thank you for all of your patience during this extended Fitbit down time.  


MyFitnessPal Staff

Last Updated: Dec 23, 2017 11:27AM PST

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