How to post a photo in the forums

In a Desktop Browser

To post a photo in the forums, click the "Community" tab at the top of the website. 

Then, click the most appropriate forum category for your post from the list on the left, or select the specific topic you wish to add your photo to.  

You can drag and drop a photo directly into the main text box that you type in, or try these other two options.

Click the attach image icon, (which looks like a mountain with a sun inside of a square.)

When that opens, you can click choose file, if the image is on your computer, or you can insert a link to the image where it says "Image URL".  

Once you're done uploading your content, click "Post Reply".

On iOS
To begin posting in the forums, tap "Community" in the menu or “More” screen.

To post a new topic or question, tap the "Pencil" button in the top right and choose which category you’re posting to. Or, tap on an existing topic.

Click "Attach an image", then "choose file".  Once that opens, pick "take a photo", "photo library" or "browse".  

Once you find the image you want to upload, tap the “Post Reply" button.

On Android
Currently Android does not support uploading photos.

Please make sure to follow our community guidelines when posting in the forums.

Our photo specific guidelines are as follows:

4. Keep it Classy (we mean your images)


  • I will share my success photos and progress photos.
  • I will keep it classy by wearing tight-fitting spandex instead of my undies to show my progress.
  • I will post authentic photos that I have permission to use.
  • I will be mindful that this is a workplace friendly site. If you wouldn’t share the image with your boss or your child, please don’t post it here.


  • I won’t post hateful, violent or graphic imagery.
  • I won’t post nudity, pornography, or NSFW images.
  • I won’t post images containing profanity.
  • I won’t post political images.
  • I won’t post photos containing excessive cleavage (if you would wear it to work, it’s probably OK).
  • I won’t post close-up shots of cleavage, butt, breasts or crotch in any state of dress.
  • I won’t post photos in which hands or objects are the only bodily covering,
  • I won’t post photos in my undies (underwear, bras, lingerie, thongs, g-strings, or banana hammocks).

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2018 03:41PM PDT

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