Upgrading Platform Security Requirement on 6.25.18 to TLS 1.2+

An important change to our platform security.

Dear MyFitnessPal User,

As part of our ongoing efforts to safeguard your data, on June 25, 2018, MyFitnessPal will be upgrading our platform security to require TLS 1.2 or higher. TLS (or “Transport Layer Security”) is one of several security protocols used to securely transmit data on the internet.

Across the tech industry, web browsers, apps, and service providers are ending their support of the earlier and less secure TLS 1.0 standard. In fact, in the coming months, popular web browsers will begin to alert visitors to sites that rely on TLS 1.0 that the site is potentially not secure.

While it is our vision to provide the benefits of MyFitnessPal to as many users as possible, we must sometimes make difficult choices between enabling access to our app, and following established best practices of security and privacy. 

As we upgrade to TLS 1.2, some older web browsers and versions of the iOS and Android operating systems will no longer be able to communicate with MyFitnessPal's servers. These older versions are not compatible with the stronger security of TLS 1.2, and our support for them will end when we upgrade on June 25, 2018. 

MyFitnessPal’s implementation of TLS 1.2 requires the following versions (or higher): 

• Safari 5/6 / iOS 5/6+
• Android 5.0+
• Safari 7 / OSX 10.9+
• Firefox 27+
• Chrome 30+
• IE 11+

What can you do?
If you have the ability to upgrade your OS or web browser, we encourage you to do so before June 25, 2018 to ensure continuous access to MyFitnessPal. We realize this will not be possible in all cases, and deeply regret any inconvenience this change may cause.
What about Premium?
If you are a monthly Premium subscriber and have no TLS 1.2 compatible devices, please take steps to cancel your recurring subscription before May 24, 2018. 

If you are an annual Premium subscriber whose subscription is set to renew before June 25, 2018, and you have no TLS 1.2 compatible devices, please cancel your recurring subscription right away. 

Monthly and annual subscribers who cancel their recurring subscription will have access to Premium features until their subscription period lapses. 

If you are an annual Premium subscriber whose subscription will renew after June 25, 2018, we acknowledge that we will not be able to provide you a full year of Premium for the subscription price you paid. In light of this, we would like to offer you a refund of your Premium purchase. First, please make sure you have canceled your auto-renewal, then follow these instructions: 
Google Play and Web-based Subscriptions
If you purchased your Premium subscription on our website or via the Google Play store, please write to our Customer Happiness team and let us know your MyFitnessPal Username or the email address connected to your MyFitnessPal account so that we can process your refund.
iOS Subscriptions
If you purchased your subscription via the iOS App Store, our Customer Happiness team does not have the ability to directly issue you a refund. Please contact AppleCare support or by phone (800) MY–APPLE to request a refund from Apple. 


The MyFitnessPal Team

Last Updated: Jun 19, 2018 11:46AM PDT

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