Brexit FAQs

Brexit FAQs

1. I am a UK resident. Does Brexit change how Under Armour handles my data?
  • No, Under Armour will still provide the same level of data protection whether you are in the UK or the EU. Additional information on how Under Armour processes your personal data is available in the Under Armour Privacy Policy.
2. I am a UK resident. Post Brexit, will my personal data be transferred differently to other countries?
  • No, Under Armour will continue to use the data transfer methods outlined in our Privacy Policy to comply with international data transfer laws. The UK government has recognized existing data transfer methods as adequate. For more information on the UK’s stance on data protection post Brexit please see:
3. I am a UK resident. Will I have the same privacy rights post Brexit?
  • You will still have the same data subject access rights as EU residents post Brexit. Please see the Under Armour Privacy Policy for more information on those rights and how to access them.
4. Do you have a UK DPO?
  • You can contact the DPO that is responsible for your country/region at

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