How does the "Complete This Entry" or "Finish logging for today" feature work?

Completing Your Diary Day

The "Complete This Entry" or "Finish logging for today" feature on your Food Diary page offers a five-week projection of your weight change, using your current weight as a starting point, and assuming that each diary day for the next five weeks will be just like the day you are completing. Please note, this is only an estimate used for motivational purposes. Weight loss does vary for each individual. Many users report that they have lost more weight than projected, while some lose less.

We recommend using this feature only after you have logged all of your entries for the day, but before midnight. You must complete your diary before midnight to generate a post to your News Feed (if you have this option activated). Completing your entry midway through the day may result in a warning message that you are eating too little. 

Nutrition Guidelines

Based on guidance from the National Institutes of Health and other experts and resources, we do not calculate daily calorie goals of fewer than 1200 calories for women, or 1500 calories for men. Based on the food logged on a given day, the following thresholds are applied when you mark your diary as complete:

1200+ calories (women) or 1500+ calories (men)
  • 5-week projected weight is calculated
  • Diary Complete news feed card is posted (if this option is active)
1000-1199 calories (women) or 1200-1499 calories (men)
  • 5-week projected weight is calculated
  • Diary complete news feed card is posted
  • A message alerting the user to possible under-eating is presented
Fewer than 1000 calories (women) or fewer than 1200 calories (men)
  • A message alerting the user to possible under-eating
  • Projected weight is not calculated
  • News feed card is not posted
Read about recent updates to our nutritional guidelines, and the science behind them, here.

If you feel you may be suffering from an eating disorder we encourage you to seek help. More information, and links to international resources may be found here
Last Updated: Apr 24, 2019 02:58PM PDT

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