Where can I find my target date?

In order to promote weight change at a healthy and sustainable rate, your MyFitnessPal progress is based on a weekly goal of up to two pounds per week of weight loss or up to one pound per week of weight gain. For this reason, we do not record a target date for our users, as meeting a goal weight by a specific date may require faster-than-healthy weight change.

When you initially complete your profile, we present an approximate date by which you may anticipate achieving your target weight. However, this is a one time calculation that may change based on your eating and exercise habits.

The "Finished Logging for today" or "Complete this Entry" feature on the Food diary page will offer an estimated weight change in a five week projection, when used at the end of a day's logging.

Please also remember that weight loss varies for each individual. Sometimes members will lose/gain more or less than the initial estimated calculations. We recommend you try the program for a few weeks to see how well it works for you.

More information about how we set your initial goals is here.

Last Updated: Apr 24, 2019 03:59PM PDT

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