How do I create a recipe? (Original Recipe Tool: Non-English versions of the site)

The recipes features allows you to combine multiple ingredients, so that MyFitnessPal can automatically calculate the correct number of calories and nutrients when you log a serving of that recipe to your diary.

To get started:

On the Web​

English-speaking web-site users should see instructions for our Recipe Importer tool. Instructions are here.

This new tool allows you to log a recipe just by entering the web address (URL) of a recipe from your favorite recipe website. Or, you can paste or type a list of ingredients, and we'll match the list to items in our database!

In addition to speeding up the recipe input process, the new Recipe Importer offers other advantages over our classic web recipe tool, such as the ability to edit the quantity of an ingredient in an existing recipe. You can find it on the web by clicking "Food" then "Recipes"

Our original recipe tool is currently available to non-English users of the
MyFitnessPal site.

  • Click "Food" then "Recipes" then "Enter New Recipe." Enter a name for the recipe, and specify the number of servings it produces.

In our Mobile apps

Begin the steps to add an item to your diary, select a meal, then select the "Recipes" tab, scroll down, and tap "Create New Recipe"

Select "Add Ingredient" and search for the first ingredient in your recipe. If available on your device, Mobile app users may scan barcodes to find ingredients.

Be sure to adjust the "number of servings" of each ingredient to reflect how much of the item you are using in the entire recipe. Once all of the ingredients are entered, save the recipe.  The recipe will now be available in the "Recipes" tab tab when you add food to any meal.

If you're not sure how many servings a recipe will produce, enter a best-guess number when you first create the recipe.

After the recipe is cooked, you can evaluate the number of servings that have been produced. Then, the recipe can be edited and the correct number of servings can be entered. This article contains additional information on editing recipes.

Last Updated: Feb 26, 2019 09:03AM PST

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