Why don't all my exercises post to the News Feed?

When you post your first cardio exercise of the day, this creates a new News Feed item, if your news feed preferences are set to automatically post your cardio workouts.

If you log multiple exercises in a single day, the additional exercises update the original News Feed item. The updated post will show a total of your calories burned and exercise minutes, and is slightly rephrased to indicate that it is a summary of all your exercises. For example, the post might indicate that you performed exercises "INCLUDING Swimming."

The exercise which is mentioned by name in the updated post is the one that burned the highest number of calories in that day's diary. The other exercises are not named explicitly.

These summaries prevent the creation of large numbers of News Feed items from an individual user. Friends of users who exercise multiple times a day will see only a single item posted to their News Feed per friend, per day, and this item will update over the course of the day to reflect additional exercise.

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2019 09:18PM PDT

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