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Garmin Connect and MFP Calorie Adjustment the_oakster — Jul 30, 2016 12:05PM PDT

I have Garmin Connect that is linked to MFP and I have set up activity tracking including steps. Activites are syncing both way and the steps from Garmin are adding to MFP.

Today my MFP says - 2010 Goal - 2142 Food - 49 Exercise = -181
Garmin Connect says - 2142 consumed - 271 exercise* (* Active = Total Calories - BMR Calories) = 1871

So on MFP I am 181 over and on Garmin I am 139 under.

Why is there this discrepancy between the two as they should surely be syncing together?

5 Community Answers

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the_oakster Jul 30, 2016 12:53PM PDT

Just to clarify - I haven't done a specific exercise today, the calories must have come from the steps I have done.

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Maximiliano MyFitnessPal Agent Jul 30, 2016 02:18PM PDT


Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

We are looking into some issues with our Garmin connection.

We hope to have a fix in place as soon as possible. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Warm Regards,
MyFitnessPal Staff

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the_oakster Jul 31, 2016 06:53AM PDT

Why has this been marked as resolved when I still have the issue?

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Ripley MyFitnessPal Agent Jul 31, 2016 10:09AM PDT

Hi the_oakster,

When the forum post is marked as “Resolved”, it doesn’t mean that the issue being reported is resolved, or that the feedback given has been implemented or has not been passed along. For cases with a “Resolved” status, we are still working on issues being reported and passing along feedback received in these cases. It simply means that the system has recognized that there is no further communication at this moment. If needed, either the member or the agent can come back through and re-establish communication in this thread over the next couple months.

Hope that answers your question and helps better explain why you may see some of your cases marked as systematically “Resolved” even though the issue may still be present.


MyFitnessPal Staff

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getwarwickapodium Aug 04, 2016 06:16PM PDT

this has been an issue for over two years. I want to upgrade to upgrade premium, how long until it actually syncs correctly

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