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Caloire Goal vs Calories Burned on Polar FT4 brookeashmore80 — Sep 26, 2016 09:05AM PDT

I wear a Polar FT4 to track my calories burned throughout the day, not just during exercise. My question is this: when you start with MyFitnessPal they give you a calorie goal based on your lifestyle (stationary, etc). When they calculate this goal do they take into consideration calories that will be burned normally during a day in that lifestyle or is the goal only offset by exercise calories burned? For example -- My calorie goal is 1200. In a normal day, I typically burn around 1400 calories before exercise. Does this burn offset the calorie goal or can I only count exercise calories?

1 Community Answers

Best Answer Sep 26, 2016 02:42PM PDT Jacen


Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Our apologies for any confusion surrounding your Polar activity in MyFitnessPal.

Your polar integration tracks your total calorie burn throughout the day, however, it also allows you to designate that you are doing individual exercises. First we need to understand how the total calories are used in MyFitnessPal to calculate your Calorie Adjustment. Then we can take a look at how that changes when an individual exercise entry is added to the mix.

When you track your activity, without designating that you are beginning an individual exercise in the Polar app, MyFitnessPal pulls your total calorie burn directly from them. You can see the amount that is being reported by Polar anytime, either by tapping the “i” next to the adjustment in your Exercise Diary on our website, or in the app, by tapping the adjustment line in your diary, and then on calorie Adjustment/Extra Calories Earned, on the following screen. You should then see your Polar Calorie Burn.

Below that, you should also see your MyFitnessPal Calorie Burn. This is the amount of calories that we have estimated that you will burn each day, based on your profile information.

When your actual calorie burn from Polar is greater than your MyFitnessPal estimate, you will then see a positive adjustment for the difference, added to your diary. If your total calorie burn from Polar is less than your MyFitnessPal total, you will then either see a 0, or if you have opted to turn on Negative adjustments, you will see a deduction of calories for the difference.

As we mentioned earlier, your Polar app also gives you the option to tell it that you would like to track an individual exercise and have that information sync with MyFitnessPal. Please note, that manual entries made in Polar or tracked exercises that are less then 5 minutes long, are not expected to sync. So let’s take a look at what happens to our calorie adjustments when an exercise syncs over as well.

In your MyFitnessPal Diary, you will see both the Calorie adjustment line, as well as a line item for our designated individual entries. You may notice that although you have burned a certain amount of calories via the exercises, your Calorie Adjustment line is still showing 0. Remember, your total calorie burn from Polar still needs to exceed your MyFitnessPal total in order to receive an adjustment.

You’ll want to take a look at your adjustment details once again. You will notice that the total calories from any designated exercises has actually been added to the MyFitnessPal Calorie Burn. At first this may seem unfair because it is making the amount of calories that you must exceed higher. This is actually set up this way to avoid getting double credit for your activity during the time you participated in the individual exercise.

If you now look at the Calories Remaining calculation at the top of your Diary screen, you’ll notice that you are already receiving credit for the individual entries there. The amount you are seeing for Exercise here, should be the total of your individual exercises plus any calories that have been earned as an adjustment (positive or negative).

We hope this explanation has helped. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or if you are seeing a discrepancy with your Polar activity in MyFitnessPal.

Kind Regards,

MyFitnessPal Staff

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