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Why not make metric cup sizes available? jemchloe — Jan 17, 2017 10:55AM PST

It's great that you can easily switch between ml and oz. However 'cups' still appear in nearly every item it seems, and this is confusing due to the lack of a clearly defined cup, which is different sizes all over the world.

In countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand, 1 cup is equal to exactly 250ml. Recipes that ask for sugar, flour etc use this A LOT. This also makes 4 cups to a litre for liquids, although they are often measured in ml, but sometimes cups. Anyway, it's a nice round number and easy to calculate.

It would make a lot more sense to list the two different sizes in the servings as:
Cup (US)
Cup (metric)

Which tells the app the Cup (US) is equal to 8 fluid oz or 236ml, and Cup (metric) is equal to 250ml, which it appears it should be able to handle, as it is already doing those calculations with the existing Cup (US).

If anyone is curious wikipedia has more info


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Maximiliano MyFitnessPal Agent Jan 17, 2017 11:44AM PST


We are in the process of rolling out a major update to our serving size behavior in our Android, iOS and Web apps. This update will allow automatic conversion between units of measure. For example, foods created in ounces will be measurable in grams, and foods created in cups will be measurable in liters). We will update the article below when the rollout of this feature is complete.

Currently, the choices in the “Serving Size” area are limited to the options entered when the food item was created. If the MyFitnessPal team created the entry, the Serving Size field might contain multiple options, If another user entered the item there is typically only one choice.

However, by manipulating the “number of servings” value, you can log different serving sizes. So, if the serving size is 1 cup, and you use 3/4 of a cup, enter .75 as the number of servings. Some versions of our app may present the option to enter fractions, as well as decimals.

The serving size options will also include a single-unit option: for example, an item created with a 10 ounce serving size will also offer a 1-ounce serving size. It may be helpful to choose this single-unit option, and then use the number of servings as a multiplier.

If you are looking for a different serving size (for instance, ounces instead of grams), examine some of the other items in the search results. One or more may include your preferred unit of measurement. We are looking into adding a feature to convert serving size choices in future updates.

If you find you are constantly adjusting the number of servings on a particular item, you may prefer to save your adjusted item as a meal for easier reference.

We also offer the option of creating a new food item with the portion size you would like.

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