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Only Steps and Walking + Running Distance able to sync from Apple Health mferris992001 — Jan 19, 2017 03:07PM PST

Within the Apple iOS Health App, in the Sources->MyFitnessPal screen - I am only allowed to "Allow MYFITNESSPAL TO READ DATA: " for "Steps" and "Walking + Running Distance". There are no other Apple Watch workout categories (e.g. Elliptical, Indoor Rowing, Indoor Biking, Other) listed. How to I add those to the list of workouts that can sync to MyFitness Pal.

Steps and Walking + Running Distance work fine - but most of my exercise are other categories.

3 Community Answers

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Logan MyFitnessPal Agent Jan 19, 2017 05:31PM PST

Hey thanks for posting your question. To sync a workout with your walk you will want to track it via your Watches Workout app. When you initiate that you are starting an activity, the watch will mark it with a start time and track those calories burned as an individual exercise entry. If there is not a corresponding exercise entry in our database you may see the entry listed as “Other” activity.

When the entry reaches your Exercise Diary in MyFitnessPal, it will be listed as a line item, separate from the iOS Calorie Adjustment line. “Other” exercises will be listed as “Apple Health Exercise.” When you view the adjustment details, you will notice that the individual entries have been added to the MyFitnessPal Calories Burned, stating that it (includes x calories from exercise). This is because, as mentioned, the entries were tracked separately from your all day Calorie Burn.

While this will reduce your Calorie Adjustment by that amount, you will notice that when you view your Calories Remaining calculation, you are receiving credit for your individual entries there. The amount given for Exercise should be the sum of the individual entries and any earned adjustment.

We hope this is helpful. Please let us know if you have any further questions, or feedback along the way to achieving your goals.

Warm Regards,
MyFitnessPal Staff

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mferris992001 Jan 20, 2017 11:52AM PST

Thanks Logan - but that doesn't quite answer my problem.

On my Apple Watch:
- Start an "Indoor Cycle" workout
- Exercise, burn 300 calories, then Save Workout
- View in Activity app - the workout and 300 calories

In the MyFitnessPal iOS app -or- website:
- above "Indoor Cycle" workout never shows up in the app/website. Nor is there any "Other" exercises.

In short the 300 calories I burned on my workout never show up in the app.

To debug - I've looked on my iPhone in the "Health" app in the "Sources" category and "MyFitnessPal" click. The *ONLY* Data options on my screen are "Steps" and "Walking + Running Distance". I presume that this is keeping MyFitnessPal from seeing any calories from my watch which are not listed as "Steps" or "Walking + Running distance"

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Logan MyFitnessPal Agent Jan 22, 2017 03:08PM PST

Thanks for following up with us. Please open the Menu screen in MyFitnessPal, followed by: Settings, Sharing & Privacy, Healthkit Sharing. If you are presented with the Workouts permission there please enable it there. Please let us know if your next workout is still not syncing after turning on the permission, or if you are not seeing the permission there either.

Warm Regards,
MyFitnessPal Staff

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