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Myfitnesspal Daily Calorie intake VS Beachbody\Harris-Benedict equation Calorie intake mikescrill1 — Jan 30, 2017 08:30AM PST

Hey all,

I'm confused as to what calorie intake is the correct number I want to follow for fat loss... what Myfitnesspal suggests or the Beachbody\Harris-Benedict equation.

Myfitnesspal suggests 1570 calories a day - I am choosing sedentary for normal daily activity but selecting 6 days a week @ 45 min for amount of exercise. This seems accurate to me as I work at my desk all day but workout hard in the evening.

Beachbody\Harris-Benedict equation suggests 2334 calories a day - 5-6 hrs a week of strenuous exercise a week and 20% calorie reduction ( If I lower the strenuous exercise to 3-5 hours (which might be best for those weeks I can't work out as much, I got kids :-), then the calories are 2097.

Either way, this is a 500-800 calorie discrepancy between the two services and I really am confused. Who is right? I have been at the 1570 mark for a bit now and don't feel like I'm bonking out on my workouts, but I'm worried that I'm not giving my body enough fuel to produce the proper gains of weight loss and muscle gain (mostly weight loss as muscle gain requires a surplus of calories, not a deficit, I know this).

Can anyone add any insight? I don't want to start adding back weight by going with the higher numbers, but lots of research online is pointing me in that direction over the calorie intake as suggested by MFP.

Thanks for the assist.

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