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Steps being Removed when other Exercises Appear. liam_shep07 — Feb 02, 2017 08:03AM PST

My personal myfitnesspal app is linked with the Google Fit app on my Android phone. The steps recorded on Google Fit syncs with the myfitnesspal app fine everyday except when I actually carry out exercise in the form of running.

For example, one day I recorded 5,000 steps, 15 minutes of running and 5 minutes of slow bike, all provided by Google Fit. When all 3 of these appeared on my daily diary, the calorie counts for the running and bike were on there fine but my calorie count relating to the steps I'd taken were not recorded, therefore not recording my steps throughout the day before my exercise (Google Fit splits the activity up on their app).

Is there a way of preventing this from happening in the future? If not, I feel that 10,000 worth of steps maybe wiped off when I only completed 10 minutes worth of running. Putting it another way, my larger steps calorie value will not be recorded but instead swapped for a lesser, running calorie value.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Maximiliano MyFitnessPal Agent Feb 02, 2017 11:27AM PST


Thank you for taking the time to contact us and apologies for any confusion or error with the GoogleFit integration.

When you log an exercise in GoogleFit, MyFitnessPal reads the exercise name, start time, and duration of the exercise from GoogleFit, and then matches it with an exercise in our database, to calculate the estimated calorie burn for the duration of that entry. You will see this entry logged as an exercise in your MyFitnessPal Diary.
Please Note: The calories burned for the exercise listed in MyFitnessPal will not match the calorie burn listed in GoogleFit. This is because GoogleFit does not take into account your age and gender when doing their calculation. MyFitnessPal takes this information into account and, therefore, produces a more accurate estimation of the calorie burn from the logged exercise will be displayed on our end.

GoogleFit is one of our Step Source Partners. This means that you can select GoogleFit from the Steps menu within the Android MyFitnessPal app, to track your step count throughout the day, and have your daily activity accounted for within the programs. If you have this selected, MyFitnessPal will pull your step count from GoogleFit, and give you an Exercise Adjustment in your MyFitnessPal Diary ( This will show differently than exercises logged by GoogleFit.

Please Note: The step count displayed in the GoogleFit app and the MyFitnessPal app will not show the exact same number of steps, but will be within a similar range of the other. This has to do with the way GoogleFit syncs the data between their app and their platform. GoogleFit tracks steps directly from their platform, which is built into the Android operating system. MyFitnessPal, at intervals described above, then pulls the step count from their platform and displays it within the MyFitnessPal app (and then MyFitnessPal does the calorie burn calculation for that step count and displays it within our app). The GoogleFit app also syncs with the GoogleFit platform, but may sync at different intervals, and is why the step count may not be the same.

You can read more about the way the GoogleFit integration works in our GoogleFit FAQ and Troubleshooting document here:

Hope this helps to clarify,
MyFitnessPal Staff

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