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Block Forum Topics! Teerai — May 10, 2018 02:09PM PDT

The innappropiate and creepy forum topics esp in Fun and Games is a huge negative.
Makes me want to just quit MFP and find a more professional site.

You either need to scrub the bunch of stupid and creepy and off topic stuff
or give members ability to block ANY Category and Forum topic they want.

So many topics sound like phisching or something a kid would post.
Thank you

1 Community Answers

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Bruce MyFitnessPal Agent May 10, 2018 02:37PM PDT

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Currently there is not a way to block forum posts, but we will definitely consider it for a future update. Thank you for the suggestion.

For now, what you can do is select to Follow forums and then edit your view to only view those topics. To do this, go to and hover over a forum topic. Click the Gear icon that becomes visible and choose click Follow. Once you have followed your desired forums, towards the top you will see a View option. Click on it and change it from All to Following.

Also, if you find a post in our Forums that you feel is in violation of our Community Guidelines, we encourage you to report the post so that our moderators can review the content.

3 Different types of Flags and How to Use Them:

Spam: What is Spam: This is for bots only. (i.e. Garcinia cambogia, miracle skin treatments, Babaji love specialists, etc.) Please flag these items as spam. What is not Spam: Anything written by a human. (i.e. buy my great new product, advertising their Facebook, blog, beach body, etc.) If a person is advertising, please use the reported post’s flag. When a post is flagged five times as spam, it is hidden from the board so the content can be reviewed by our team of moderators. Items in the spam queue are hidden until they are either rejected or approved. Rejected posts qualify as spam. Approved posts are written by an MFP member and will be sent back to the forums. Abuse: What is Abuse: Pornography, graphic or disturbing images, hate speech, etc. If you wouldn’t want your boss standing behind you when you open the post, or if having it on your computer would get you fired from your job, you can consider it abuse. This is for severe, urgent violations. What is not Abuse: General community guideline violations, posts you disagree with, posts by people you are arguing with in a forum, and anything else that does not meet the criteria above. When a post is flagged five times as abuse, it is hidden from the board so the content can be reviewed by our team of moderators. Items in the abuse queue are hidden until they are either rejected or approved. Rejected posts qualify as abuse. Approved posts that do not qualify as abuse will be returned to the community without further action. ▶︎ If a post is neither Spam nor Abuse, it should be sent to the moderators via Report.

Report: (Most forum related reports should go here)

Select report > then choose the reason. Use this flag to let us know about posts that violate our Community Guidelines or to ask us to delete your post. Every post that is reported goes into a Reported Posts queue that is reviewed by staff or a volunteer moderator. This content is not hidden while it’s in review. What happens when a post enters moderation: Once a post enters moderation, we determine whether there is an actual violation and which guideline the post violates. Then we can decide the severity of the violation based on the frequency of violations by that user.

In a Desktop Browser
Reporting options are found in the “Flag” menu at the bottom left of a post.

In a Mobile Browser or our Android and iOS apps
Reporting options are found by tapping the “…” menu at the top right edge of a post.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions or feedback.


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