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Apple watch, myfitnesspal and Endomondo. boogiebunce — Jul 08, 2018 05:34AM PDT

This is starting to really annoy me now. I paid for my premium endomondo subs and up until a couple of months ago had apple watch Endomondo and MyFitnessPal all talking. I could get HR when I was exercising and couls see stuff on my watch. I had to carry the phone with me, but then I could see progress on the map. Exercises all got loaded up onto MyFitnessPal.

Now myfitness pal gets no updates at all, the HR monitor doesn't work on the watch and the phone and watch dont talk to each other, so if I start a workout on the phone, I don't get the watch info so have to keep pulling the phone out and my apple watch with the HR monitor is useless. If I start on the watch, I can use the HR monitor but there is none of the data available on the phone.

Is anyone who develops this actually using it? I know you guys do this for a living, but I don't and I am not interested in it enough to spend time faffing around with it. If you can't make it better, stop buggering around with it, so at least we get a chance to learn how to use it, even if it is useless.

I doubt anyone reads this - I'm just venting my spleen really, but if anyone from Under Armour has any interest in helping feel free. If as expected, I get no feedback, I'll just start venting on SM

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Bruce MyFitnessPal Agent Jul 09, 2018 08:55AM PDT

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. For any issues with the HR monitor on your Apple Watch, please reach out to Apple directly. You can contact their support here.

For Endomondo and MyFitnessPal not syncing with each other, please confirm the linking of your accounts in two places:

Log in at then visit this link:

Your connected partners appear on the right edge of the page.

Visit and confirm that you see MyFitnessPal linked with Endomondo here

Additionally, all of the following must be true for a workout at Endomondo to post to a site they partner with:

The exercise must:

Be finished:
It is finished if it is manually created
It is finished if it was tracked by an app and the user pressed stop

Distance must be >= 0.1 km
Duration must be >= 50 seconds
Sharing to partner must be enabled
Start time and end time must be within the last 24h +/-
Privacy must be set to everyone or friends

MyFitnessPal workouts also require the following:

Calories must be defined (weight is required in this computation)
Sport must not be Other as MFP does not have this category
Please note, only exercises performed after linking your accounts will post. Previous exercises will not update.
Please double check your privacy settings, as well as whether your workouts contain all the required data.

If your Apple Watch and Endomondo are not syncing, please reach out to Endomondo for more support.

If your Apple Watch and MyFitnessPal are not syncing, could you try a fresh reinstall of the MyFitnessPal app and relink your Apple Watch and HealthKit to see if that will help?

Once reinstalled, in MyFitnessPal tap More>Steps>Apple Watch and you should be taken to a page to turn some Categories On. Turn them on and then tap More>Settings>Sharing & Privacy>HealthKit Sharing and you’ll be taken to another page to turn On more Categories. This should relink your Apple Watch and HealthKit.

Hope this helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions or feedback.


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