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Galaxy S8+ to S9+ 'upgrade' stops Steps transfer to MyFitnessPal ttish2 — Aug 11, 2018 06:48PM PDT

How do I fix this issue? Prior to the upgrade steps pushed from my Gear S3 Frontier into Samsung Health and then along into MyFitnessPal with regularity. Now, post 'upgrade' to S9+... Nothing. Note: I've deleted and reinstalled both apps to no avail.

Currently my Gear S3 transfers step data to the Samsung Health App without fail; consistently throughout the day. That data, however, does not transfer into MyFitnessPal. How do I fix this issue?

Thx in advance for your assistance.

Btw... I'm paying for MyFitnessPal Premium. As such... I kind of expect an answer and a fix. Plmk.

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Bruce MyFitnessPal Agent Aug 12, 2018 08:28AM PDT

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Would you mind trying a few options for us to see if any of them help?

Could you fist please make sure you are on the latest version of the MyFitnessPal app. You should be able to check the App Store or Google Play to see if you are due for any updates.

If you are updated, next try going to the Menu or More section of the app and find Steps. Then select, “Don’t track Steps”. Go to a different section in the App, then return back to that area and try to select your Step source once more.

If you are using an iOS device, please also make sure to go into your device settings (not the app settings) then find MyFitnessPal under your listed apps, then make sure to enable “motion & fitness”.

Please also make sure you are not connected to more than one step tracking partner at a time. For example, if you are using iOS steps to track, you can not also track steps with Fitbit. You must choose the one you prefer and disconnect the other.

If that does not trigger the Steps again, you may want to try logging completely out of the App and then log back in. Then select your step source once more. To log out, go to the Menu (or “More” page) then Settings, then Log Out. Please make sure you know your username and password before logging out.

If you need to reset your password please visit (your username should be included the body of that email).

All the best,

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ttish2 Aug 13, 2018 07:22PM PDT

Thx Bruce.

As requested, I've tried all of the steps above. Unfortunately... It shows that it's 'connected' however no step information is posted over.

Btw, I'm on a Galaxy s9+, Android version 8.0.0 No newer versions are available at this time.

Is there a way to post steps over manually while we figure this out? I use the app daily to log caloric intake so step information is pretty valuable.

Thx again.

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Bruce MyFitnessPal Agent Aug 14, 2018 08:42AM PDT

Thanks for getting back to us. Can you try relinking S Health and see if that will help?

To get started, under the Menu Bar tap Apps & Devices and tap Connected. Select S Health and tap Disconnect. Once the page updates, tap Connect. You should see a pop up for permissions regarding the Samsung Health integration. Turn the integration On and then allow the permissions. Please note you will need to scroll down on this pop up to see all of the permissions. Tap Done to finish the set up.

Next, return to the Menu Bar in MyFitnessPal and tap Steps>Samsung Health.

Please let us know if you continue to have an issue.


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ttish2 Aug 14, 2018 05:53PM PDT

"Error Occurred

We were unable to connect to the server to synchronize."

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Bruce MyFitnessPal Agent Aug 15, 2018 08:56AM PDT

Thank you for trying those steps for us. Our apologies that it was not able to resolve the problem for you. We are aware of the issue where steps aren’t syncing from SHealth to MyFitnessPal and that the steps page in the MyFitnessPal app shows an “Error Occurred: We were unable to connect to the server to synchronize” alert. We hope to have a fix in place as soon as possible. Please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

Warm Regards,

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