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Why does myfitnesspal not track/record net carbs? May 21, 2019 06:40AM PDT

I started the Ketodiet and one of my goals is not to exceed 30 carbs a day. Should I take into account total ...

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IOS Apple - unable to log food May 19, 2019 01:32PM PDT

Don't know why I cannot record my meals without having my tallied food on the same day disappearing. For ...

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Setting up Meal Plans for the week and Sve them for future use May 19, 2019 10:33AM PDT

I would like to set up a week Mon-Sun of meals and save this week as Under 1,500 Calories 50/25/25 Meal Plan A...

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adding a food to the database May 19, 2019 07:00AM PDT

I am trying to follow the instructions to add a food to the database. But I am not able to get to the end of ...

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Recipes May 18, 2019 03:10PM PDT

Recipes are posted on fb, but via video. How do we get to the hard copy of the recipes?

The desktop is not updating with the info I entered through my cell phone May 16, 2019 07:37AM PDT

Why isn't my desktop account updating from the info that is on my phone. Its showing no food.

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Desktop version features May 15, 2019 10:25PM PDT

Why don't I see the same options on my desktop PC as I do on my cellphone and tablet? I am able to enter...

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Deleting multiple foods or an entire meal May 12, 2019 03:10PM PDT

Is there a way to delete multiple foods or an entire meal at once? I often "test" days where I fill ...

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Dinner is missing May 08, 2019 05:27PM PDT

I can't enter my dinner because there's no dinner listed on any days. how do I get it back?

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Set sugar goal not reflected in food diary May 02, 2019 05:53PM PDT

I set my goal for sugar to 20 g/day, which is 5% of my 1600 net calorie goal. However, my food diary is showin...

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