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editing nutrition fact Jan 17, 2016 04:07PM PST

I read your details on how to change...but it does not give me access to change or adjust or rate!

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Logging Barcode scanned items in "My recipies & Foods Jan 17, 2016 01:50PM PST

Good evening, Is there a way to move the foods that I scan using the barcode scanning feature in Diary to t...

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Retain the Date if I go back to a previous day Jan 16, 2016 07:11PM PST

I often need to go back to the previous day to complete my entries. It is very annoying that every time I add ...

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Notes in Recipes Jan 16, 2016 01:00PM PST

I was wondering if anyone knows how to add "notes" to a recipe. For example, I made 2 cups of guacam...

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"matching foods" list Jan 16, 2016 08:23AM PST

Somebody needs to clean up these lists. There's too many goofy choices and sifting through them all is to...

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Discrepancy in nutritional information when importing recipes Jan 15, 2016 08:34PM PST

When I add recipes to my database, the nutritional info that MFP generates is always different (sometimes sign...

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Disappearing food notes and logging of weight progress entries Jan 15, 2016 05:54AM PST

This has been going on for a few weeks now. I primarily use the Android app to log in daily with my weight, fo...

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Les aliments ne se synchronisent pas de MyFitnessPal à Withings Health Mate ? Jan 14, 2016 11:29PM PST

Bonjour, Meilleurs voeux à tous. Ma question est dans l'objet. Sur l'application Health Mate le ...

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Saving Recipes Jan 14, 2016 06:21AM PST

I have tried multiple times to save a recipe since last night and have not been able to. I've tried inpu...

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Can you specify size of serving? Jan 14, 2016 05:25AM PST

When creating your own recipe, can you specify a size (eg 1 cup) instead of "1 serving"??? I can...

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