Food Diary and Food Database

My contirbutions to the database? Nov 24, 2015 05:39AM PST

How do i get to a list of all the database entries that I personally made?

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Not saving my foods Nov 24, 2015 04:27AM PST

Hello, MFP isn't saving my new foods that I have been adding lately. i have to enter 5-10 times before it...

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How to enter food by weight instead of volume Nov 23, 2015 09:39AM PST

I use a food scale, as it is much easier to weigh food than it is to try and measure the volume. This is espe...

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adding a recipe to database after saving it Nov 22, 2015 06:31PM PST

Is there a way to go back to a recipe I made and change it so that it is in the myfitnesspal database? I want...

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Ingredients not showing up when searching during recipe creation Nov 22, 2015 03:25PM PST

I'm copying the exact text of an ingredient (from the database page) into the search box and the right in...

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deleting Nov 22, 2015 12:13PM PST

How do I delete old food entries I no longer want?

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Edited foods, and my foods are disappearing Nov 21, 2015 07:45PM PST

Recently I have had occasion to edit a number of food items, but each time that I do so, the item then disappe...

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Modifying existing recipe - search tool is broken Nov 21, 2015 02:58PM PST

If I am trying to modify an existing recipe to add or replace an ingredient and type in: "Organic Road C...

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Macronutrient Breakdown Nov 21, 2015 02:55PM PST

Where do I find the macronutrient breakdown on the site

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Oxalate Nov 21, 2015 06:22AM PST

Since 1 in 10 people get kidney stones any chance you could add oxalate in the food database?

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