Food Diary and Food Database

How to search using the barcode number on the website Nov 28, 2015 02:32PM PST

Hi Sometimes the data in the database is wrong and I want to edit it. I cannot do that on the android app (...

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my food diary Nov 28, 2015 01:02PM PST

i want to add starbucks to my diary for a future choice

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goals Nov 26, 2015 06:05AM PST

what are the recommended goals (daily food diary) for a diabetic

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Where did the food search go? Nov 25, 2015 06:50PM PST

I use to be able to type in foods and they would automatically search the database...for example if I had dinn...

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Not Saving My Recipes Nov 25, 2015 12:17PM PST

MFP has suddenly started not saving/logging a new recipe I input. It lets me match ingredients but when I cli...

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How is food database generated Nov 25, 2015 05:50AM PST

Is 100% of the food database generated from user input. Presumably submitted data needs to be 'cleaned&#x...

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Daily Calorie Goal Nov 24, 2015 01:50PM PST

A few days ago my daily calorie goal decreased from 2260 to 1950? I didn't change anything in my goals or...

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My contirbutions to the database? Nov 24, 2015 05:39AM PST

How do i get to a list of all the database entries that I personally made?

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Not saving my foods Nov 24, 2015 04:27AM PST

Hello, MFP isn't saving my new foods that I have been adding lately. i have to enter 5-10 times before it...

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How to enter food by weight instead of volume Nov 23, 2015 09:39AM PST

I use a food scale, as it is much easier to weigh food than it is to try and measure the volume. This is espe...

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