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Calorie syncing problem Oct 24, 2015 05:15AM PDT

Recently I was having issues with my calories being doubled, and sometimes tripled, when syncing with my FitBi...

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Advice pop-ups when I add food, how do I turn them off? Oct 23, 2015 01:58PM PDT

I dislike the little pieces of advice that pop up when I add some foods. Something like, "This food is h...

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Recent food list is totally bogus Oct 23, 2015 03:14AM PDT

My recent food list is now useless. Today I opened it and it is showing foods on there that I haven't eat...

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historic data Oct 22, 2015 11:46AM PDT

Is there any way for me to see my diary from 2012? I was successful that year and I want to reference that in ...

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no calorie showwing Oct 22, 2015 07:45AM PDT

I have not used the app in a few months. Seems to me when I did a food search in the past it showed you the ca...

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Food diary not posting Oct 22, 2015 07:03AM PDT

When I complete my entry for the day, it does not show up on my newsfeed. All of my settings are correct to be...

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Garmin Connect will not register my food diary from myfitnesspal Oct 21, 2015 07:34PM PDT

Tried Garmin and haven't gotten a response yet but I can't get food diary counts to show up. They a...

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i like to add my foods by myself since lots of macros are wrong around here and that way i know i can count on...

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Sync Fitbit account: It is going wrong Oct 21, 2015 05:40PM PDT

Hi Guys I realised that myfitnesspal is reapeating a lot of time the same calories in the meal planner. At ...

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Syncing Food Diary with Fitbit Oct 21, 2015 02:59PM PDT

When I enter food into MyFitness Pal and when it is synced to my Fitbit, it totals the foods entered and then ...

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