Food Diary and Food Database

Food Database, cannot add food to diary Feb 19, 2018 01:51PM PST

When I click the ADD FOOD TO DIARY button after finding a food in the data base, nothing happens. The food is ...

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Calorie intake Feb 19, 2018 08:05AM PST

How do I adjust the calories needed in a day? I'm on a specific program, and it defaults to a higher calo...

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Food Diary discrepancy and request for correction Feb 18, 2018 04:08PM PST

A food item calculation isn't working properly. A teaspoon is coming in at the same calorie count as a ta...

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Sample Day Feb 18, 2018 06:07AM PST

So my caloric intake is now 1100 and very active at work (min 9k steps). I am looking for sample meals for a ...

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net carb Feb 17, 2018 10:58PM PST

Please advise when you are going to make an update with net carbs counting?

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how can I see which months I logged my food in the previous year? Feb 16, 2018 02:37PM PST

I skipped about 8 months and would love to see what I ate in the past but other than going day to day I have n...

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Can I mark a food as a favorite? Feb 15, 2018 06:29PM PST

When looking up food in the database, I often find many very similar entries. When I compare my food label to ...

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food logging pie charts Feb 15, 2018 02:08PM PST

Hi - I need to see my nutrient breakdown as a pie chart - where do I find/access this?

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monitoring the food database Feb 15, 2018 10:35AM PST

I just checked Premium because I had hoped I would have the option of keeping my own food database updated. H...

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How can sugar grams be higher than carbohydrate grams??? Feb 14, 2018 06:35AM PST

I entered a recipe and noticed the carbohydrates come out at 18 grams but the sugars say 31 grams which makes ...

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