Food Diary and Food Database

The food diary in my app is no longer displaying my entries Apr 13, 2019 07:56AM PDT

I was prompted to log-in to the app on my phone which is unusual. After doing so I noticed that none of my dia...

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adding nutrition values without adding whole recipe Apr 12, 2019 01:54PM PDT

I Have recipes to use for which I have calories, fat, carbs, etc. I dont want to add all the ingredients as ma...

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Serving Size Apr 10, 2019 01:13PM PDT

When entering a new receipe, how do I calculate what a serving size would equal?

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how accurate is the ""If every day were like today"" segment at the end of your diary Apr 08, 2019 05:03PM PDT

If every day were like today... You'd weigh blank lbs in 5 weeks, when i get these i often wonder how a...

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Recipe Instructions Apr 07, 2019 02:34PM PDT

Has anyone found a way to easily enter recipes with instructions? In the FAQs it looks like all the Q&A o...

How can I delete a food item from my diary? Apr 07, 2019 12:16PM PDT

How can I delete a food item from my diary? What's the impact on items previously posted?

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Delete Food from Food Diary but not from Database Apr 07, 2019 05:09AM PDT

Unless I'm missing something, it seems that if I amend my Food Diary by deleting an item (ussing the red ...

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What are the default percent settings for fat, protein amd carbs? Apr 06, 2019 09:01AM PDT

I changed my settings for fat, carbs and protein and now I'm gaining weight, I want to go back to the ori...

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Net Calories Apr 05, 2019 05:24PM PDT

So i really dont understand this I consumed 978 calories today My goal is 1690 calories My net Calori...

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Can MyFitnessPal offer better food choice suggestions Apr 05, 2019 01:18PM PDT

I enjoy cheese, but it has a lot of calories. Can MyFitnessPal make suggestions such as instead of cheese, an...

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