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"an error has occurred" Feb 10, 2018 03:35PM PST

When trying to use MyFitnessPal on Firefox I receive the following message: "an error has occurred"....

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Different types of servings Feb 09, 2018 12:31PM PST

When adding a food to the database, how do you add more than one type of serving to a food, for example, 1 gra...

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Sodium Level Feb 08, 2018 04:57PM PST

I entered a recipe I put 1/2 tsp of sodium in the manual recipe and it says that the level of sodium is over 4...

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Additional Nutrient Tracking Feb 08, 2018 04:05PM PST

Howdy, I was hoping y'all could allow for additional nutrients to be tracked. I specifically would like...

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Is there a list of Foods that are High In Protein/Carbs or Fat Feb 08, 2018 01:23PM PST

Hello All; I recently became a Premium member. Is there a list anywhere in myfitnesspal (either the app o...

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Reporting Feb 08, 2018 09:28AM PST

On the Reports tab, is there a way to see the average of the data over the selected time frame? For example, ...

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Help: 400 grams of healthy carbs a day ? Feb 06, 2018 12:34PM PST

Have been logging what I eat on a daily and been consistently hitting my macros (Protein - 141 gm, Fats 94 gra...

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How to correct food values in database Feb 06, 2018 09:17AM PST

Dry Roasted Almonds - Kirkland has incorrect nutritition information. It states that 1 gram has 340 calories,...

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Diabetes Feb 05, 2018 06:18PM PST

I see that you were requested to give a breakdown on sugars in 2015 but I don't see where that's bee...

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Inaccurate values Feb 05, 2018 03:58PM PST

Some of the values that have been entered are *completely* wrong. I understand you can't "vet" ...

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