Food Diary and Food Database

Food Diary will not complete Nov 19, 2018 07:27AM PST

When I enter all my foods for the day and try to complete my diary it just continuously "processing"...

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Macro Percentages seem off, what's the formula? Nov 18, 2018 08:14PM PST

As seen from another thread on the forum (

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Quick Add Calories Nov 17, 2018 11:12AM PST

I am trying to add "Quick Add Calories" as I have for 3 years. They will not add. The wheel just k...

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Vitamin tracking Nov 16, 2018 02:18PM PST

Will this app ever be updated to track vitamin D and other vitamins? It was requested in Sept 2016 - but not...

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Android version switches to portrait when adding food Nov 16, 2018 08:10AM PST

How can I prevent this annoying behavior?

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Deleting items from Recent list. Nov 15, 2018 08:34PM PST

I have been unable to delete food items by using the Web method (I have no I phone) of using the Search box. ...

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Appearing and dissapearing items... Nov 13, 2018 01:12PM PST

I have noticed for a long time that items i have added have disappeared off my food dairy..and other things h...

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Searching For a Food From the Favorites List Nov 12, 2018 03:01PM PST

Hi, I am currently using the MyFitnessPal website. When I add a food to the food diary, I must first search t...

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Five Guys Nov 12, 2018 02:52PM PST

Can someone clean up the Five Guys database? My son works there so I am finding myself eating there frequentl...

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total daily calories Nov 12, 2018 11:06AM PST

Can I print a copy of my daily food intake on one page? (NOw I'm seeing 4 or 5 pages to get all the info...

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