Food Diary and Food Database

list of my recipes Jul 30, 2018 12:13PM PDT

I have 7 pages of saved recipes, but they sort by the last one utilized: how can I get a quick list of my re...

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recipes Jul 29, 2018 07:39PM PDT

How can I add a recipe name and just add the nutrition info only not all the ingredients

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Can't create a new food – two different (erroneous) results on the website & Android app Jul 26, 2018 11:51AM PDT

When trying to add a food to the database, I run into errors depending on the platform: Website: "App...

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How to find past daily food diary Jul 25, 2018 05:47PM PDT

I have been off of my diet for some time and would really like to see the daily entries I used to lose weight ...

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Adding food not recent or frequent Jul 25, 2018 07:14AM PDT

My iphone 8 app when adding food to any day entry does not search for items in the MyFitnessPal database. It ...

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app and website changing my calorie goals Jul 24, 2018 05:38PM PDT

I have changed my calorie goals to 1800 and saved it, but the app and the website continue to list my goal as ...

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Macro Goals Jul 24, 2018 09:11AM PDT

Hi, I've recently signed up to MFP and excited! However, my macro goals are set to 50% Carbs, 30% Fat, 20...

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Net Carbs Jul 24, 2018 07:13AM PDT

With those of us that Pay for the Premium, it should be something MyFitnessPal is pushing to add in for us tha...

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Nutrients Log Jul 24, 2018 06:28AM PDT

I was looking to use myfitnesspal to keep a track of my iron intake, however I have logged 3 items which all c...

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Food/Recipe Suggestions Jul 23, 2018 06:13PM PDT

It would be great if the Food Diary could suggest things to eat based on what I've already eaten for that...

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