Food Diary and Food Database

Syncing MFP Food Diary to FitBit Charge 2 Jun 21, 2017 08:08PM PDT

I enter Food Diary into MFP and would like to have the data transfer to Fitbit Charge 2. I have followed the ...

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HELP ME PLEASE Jun 21, 2017 04:24PM PDT

I made a hamburgar patty and it weighed 159gms once cooked. How do I enter this information

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scanning bar codes Jun 21, 2017 11:14AM PDT

I thought I read that there is a way to scan food items in order to input them into the food diary. However, ...

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Add 2 meals Jun 20, 2017 02:33PM PDT

Others have posted about adding more meals and I saw in the forum that you can have 6 meals right now. I see ...

How to duplicate new added food to different meals? Jun 19, 2017 03:22PM PDT

When I create a new food listing in a certain meal it will repopulate in only that meal? I have recreate the ...

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How do you create a unique UPC Barcode? Jun 17, 2017 07:05PM PDT

Hello! How can I create my very own OPC Barcodes for my own meals? I have homemade recipes with nutritional...

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weight projection not shown Jun 17, 2017 07:05AM PDT

I am on a doctor-supervised low calorie, low carb diet. I entered the 800 calorie per day goal and even though...

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1200 calories on my food chart entries. Currently 1400 are shown. Jun 16, 2017 08:22PM PDT

How do I change to 1200 calories on my diary entries?

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Trader Joe's Green Dragno Hot Sauce not in DB Jun 16, 2017 12:47PM PDT

I searched and searched for Trader Joe's Green Dragon Hot Sauce and could not find it in the Food DB. I...

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Net Carbs Jun 13, 2017 10:32AM PDT

It seems that many users, including premium users like myself, wish to have net carbs automatically calculated...

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