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Nutritional Facts/Recipe Import Jul 23, 2018 12:27PM PDT

I have my nutritional information as well as ingredients listed on the website, but myfitnesspal will not uplo...

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I would like to mask food with NO sugar data as choices. Jul 23, 2018 12:14PM PDT

My example was I found a McDonalds Milkshake with 390 Kcal but 0 "zero" grams of sugar!!! Yes it wa...

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Recommended Sugar Jul 22, 2018 06:46PM PDT

Hey MFP, I just read on another site that the American Heart Association only recommends 25 grams of sugar fo...

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Insulin Index Jul 19, 2018 09:50PM PDT

More and more we are being told that the Insulin Index is one of the best indicators for weightless, much more...

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"You've earned X extra calories from exercise today" Jul 19, 2018 06:05AM PDT

How is this number calculated? The calories I see on Myfitnesspal does not match up what it says on my fi...

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Inappropriate ads Jul 18, 2018 01:37PM PDT

While using the Food Diary, about once a week I get an inappropriate, sexually suggestive pop-up ad. I do not...

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recipe calorie calculator Jul 16, 2018 07:18PM PDT

Recipe calorie counter details 1 tsp of cinnamon as 24 carbs but it should only be 2.1 g. Can this be correct...

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Can you explain the math in the Macronutrients bar graph? Jul 16, 2018 04:56PM PDT

How are carbs, fats and protein percentages calculated. I cannot get my math to match what is shown on the ver...

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logging daily suppliments and vitamins Jul 16, 2018 02:55PM PDT

Is there an easy way to log suppliments and vitamins that I take the same dose of everyday? I don't want...

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copy meal to every day Jul 16, 2018 08:03AM PDT

Is there a way to do the "copy meal to date" function to copy a meal to every day, as I have the sam...

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