Food Diary and Food Database

Copy a Food Sep 25, 2018 11:15AM PDT

Can I copy a food and use that as the basis for My Foods? I'd like to take advantage of all of the nutri...

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Missin meals Sep 25, 2018 08:20AM PDT

Hello. I just bough a samsung gear sport. I now have 12 months premium membnership however, the meals i alread...

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Net Carbs Sep 24, 2018 01:35PM PDT

Any update on tracking net carbs?

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HELP: ONLINE Problem adding "my meals" to food diary Sep 24, 2018 10:06AM PDT

I wish I could attach a screen shot to show you. Add food to food diary > Quick tools: Does NOT include ad...

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Allow more than 6 meals a day Sep 24, 2018 09:25AM PDT

Please allow more than 6 meals a day, up to 8 would be ideal.

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saved information Sep 23, 2018 06:40PM PDT

All my saved data is gone!

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Change Recipe Serving Size to Weight Instead of Actual Number of Servings Sep 22, 2018 06:11PM PDT

Hello, I have the latest Android MyFitnessPal app and would like to know how to change my recipe's ser...

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Cannot find anything anywhere about which %DV is used Sep 20, 2018 11:28AM PDT

Cannot find anything anywhere about which %DV is used. Where can I find the used %DV by MyFitnessPal? How can ...

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option to expand nutrients that are tracked Sep 20, 2018 08:26AM PDT

Would like you to explore the option for users to add nutrients that aren't available in the drop-downs. ...

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Incorrect formula Sep 19, 2018 05:25PM PDT

Apparently can't submit a photo, so you have to trust that this is what your website/app show. Also, shou...

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