Food Diary and Food Database

There was a problem with your request Oct 05, 2017 05:21PM PDT

Hi Getting this error just for a single day "There was a problem with your request Sorry, but a se...

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How do I change all measurements to grams? Oct 05, 2017 05:21PM PDT

I'm weighing all of my food as I make a lot of homemade meals and anytime I look up something in the data...

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Logging Liquids Oct 05, 2017 12:45PM PDT

When logging coffee, soda, beer, juice, etc., besides logging them as a food item, should one log them as wate...

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Website said a food successfully added - can't find it in the database Oct 05, 2017 11:07AM PDT

Is there a time lag between setting up a recipe and having it available when searching foods? I set up a food...

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Water indicator Oct 05, 2017 08:13AM PDT

I haven't been able to add water to the glass. I have followed all of the suggestions but nothing has wor...

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Adding food for tomorrow Oct 03, 2017 02:44PM PDT

I want to use this for meal planning as well. How can I add food for the week? At least for breakfast and lun...

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how to add a food to the database Oct 03, 2017 11:21AM PDT

How can I get a food added to the database?

Unable to add new foods from database Oct 03, 2017 09:28AM PDT

Am getting an error message when adding new foods from the database into my daily log. It is siting a server ...

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I have PCOS I NEED to eat Low GI foods Oct 02, 2017 06:56PM PDT

I have PCOS I NEED to eat Low GI foods when will this be implemented? Why isn't there an option for those...

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Why can't I save the day's calories if they are too low? Oct 02, 2017 01:23PM PDT

Hello. There are days when my caloric intake is so low that the website wont allow me to save the day. Is ther...

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