Food Diary and Food Database

Additional micronutrients? Feb 08, 2017 07:56PM PST

Is there a way to add additional micronutrients to the diary? All I see are sodium, potasium, vitamin A, vita...

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How do I make corrections to my Food Diary Feb 08, 2017 10:32AM PST

I entered the incorrect amount of yoghurt by mistake, but can't seem to delete and correct it.

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My foods not visible to others Feb 08, 2017 08:44AM PST

I recently began meal prepping for myself and partner and added my custom meal to the foods database so we can...

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Silly numbers in the food database Feb 07, 2017 03:44PM PST

According to the database, this steak and bean chili has no protein.

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How do I set the serving size for a meal? Feb 07, 2017 10:39AM PST

I know how I want to set the serving size, but I don't see anywhere to actually change it. I've trie...

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Entering a partial meal Feb 06, 2017 06:08AM PST

I have created a breakfast smoothie meal that I split with my wife. When I enter the meal in my diary it show...

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saving foods when scanned by bar code Feb 05, 2017 01:09AM PST

I am scanning my foods bar code and then the next day I am out and do not have the bar code available but I ca...

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How to edit a "verified" food with a check mark? Feb 04, 2017 01:32PM PST

I have discovered a number of "verified" foods with the check mark that have incorrect values. It ap...

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Meals "share with" setting Feb 04, 2017 08:27AM PST

When creating or editing a meal in the android app, there is a “share with” section that has the setting of Pu...

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Bulk food logging trouble Feb 03, 2017 01:11PM PST

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions about how to log bulk food. As an example, when i make chili, i ...

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