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MFP iOS calorie adjustment Dec 11, 2018 04:55AM PST

I am new to MFP and have been enjoying finding how much I actually eat! I seem to have a bug in my account th...

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metabolism is spelt incorrect on home page Dec 10, 2018 10:56AM PST

spelling error above

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crossfit Dec 10, 2018 04:43AM PST

why wouldn't crossFit be in the database of exercises?

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Logging new day's meals/foods Dec 06, 2018 10:30AM PST

I am new to this. The program goes to "today".....but what do I do to enter my meals and foods?. T...

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Can I log into my account from another mobile device that have MFP application? Dec 05, 2018 07:01AM PST

Can I log into my account from another mobile device that have MFP application?

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App for cell phone Dec 03, 2018 03:42AM PST

I have a Galaxy S8 Samsung phone and the my fitness pal app won't load and keeps shutting down. I have un...

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Cannot export macros Dec 02, 2018 07:46AM PST

I am a Premium member. From a knowledge base search, I found that exporting Macros/Nutrients are not currently...

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Diet Review Nov 26, 2018 06:48PM PST

Does My Fitness offer a diet review to make suggestions on how to improve based on the food that I have record...

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switching back from keto to regular way of charting. Nov 26, 2018 08:07AM PST

i'm presently on Keto, I want to switch back to normal way of charting. anyone know how to do this. I can...

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Verification of email address Nov 16, 2018 01:35AM PST

I've recently received an email asking me to verify my email address. I've been with MFP for over 2...

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