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Slimfact Sep 15, 2018 08:14AM PDT

Since nothing has helped me to loose weight, even profiling 1230 calories on this site, I am trying Slimfast ....

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Basic Question - Net Calories etc Sep 15, 2018 04:29AM PDT

Hi This is probably a really stupid question. I have been doing MFP for a while now and don't seem to be...

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adding to the app Sep 14, 2018 10:08AM PDT

I'm a BIG guy but I'm trying to better myself. I'm using the App, i like it but i need it to h...

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NAFLD/SIBO Aug 23, 2018 11:12AM PDT

What specific foods items should I focus on when building my diet plan for reversing Non alcoholic fatty liver...

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Where did my 12K+ Steps go?! They just went to zero Aug 22, 2018 08:44PM PDT

at 11:00 or so PM my steps went away. I am using the iphone Healthkit app. My steps show over 12K on my ipho...

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app disappeared Aug 22, 2018 01:53PM PDT

The app disappeared off my iphone and will not reload. Can anyone tell me why this has happened?

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Age Aug 22, 2018 08:24AM PDT

I am wondering if the recommended calorie algorithm is set to account for age. At age 69 I am eating less. Som...

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Daily calorie allowance Aug 21, 2018 04:49AM PDT

Hi, When the system shows my daily calorie allowance has this taken into account that as a normal person durin...

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Heart icon Feb 06, 2017 01:20PM PST

Why is there a heart icon next to the coffee I have every morning? Because it is zero calories?

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I Forgot To Track Yesterday Feb. 3 and don't want to lose my streak of over 900 Days Feb 04, 2017 06:34AM PST

Yesterday, on Feb. 3 rd, I forgot to log in my calories before midnight. I have never forgotten before but had...

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