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Bariatric Setting? Jan 31, 2017 06:27AM PST

Hi! Is it possible to get a "Bariatric" setting on the goals/profile thing for those of us who have ...

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Changing items in my food favorites list? Jan 29, 2017 12:54PM PST

How can I delete/edit items in my food favorites list?

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my fitness pal app wont proceed to the next day Jan 29, 2017 09:13AM PST

My fitness pal app wont proceed to the next day. When I opened my app this morning it was still showing all my...

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Need to cancel out water consumption Jan 28, 2017 08:26AM PST

How do I cancel the water consumption I have logged so far as I made a giant error.

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Group Challenge Jan 26, 2017 05:41AM PST

How can we create a Group challenge among friends? Say based on steps or weight lost?

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MFP no longer picking up weight from FitBit Aria Jan 25, 2017 11:43PM PST

I've had a FitBit Aria connected to MFP since last year. In Jan this year I added my husband as a user on...

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Friend Challenges Jan 22, 2017 05:11PM PST

Can you please create a way to challenge your friends? It would really add value to your product. Thanks

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Could not reach MyFitnessPal server, please try again later Jan 21, 2017 04:27AM PST

I couldn't sync my pacer app to MFP. Every time I try to sync MFP in Pacer, an error occurs. I tried to u...

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Weight Estimator Jan 21, 2017 03:07AM PST

I can't help but notice the weight estimator (when it tells me how much I will weigh in 5 weeks if every ...

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math is wrong Jan 20, 2017 10:24AM PST

If I have a goal of 1200 calories a day and I have eaten 254 calories so far, why is the 'calories remain...

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