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syncing my fitness pal and fitbit charge ht Jan 10, 2016 11:08AM PST

Hi, I am setting up a new fitbit charge hr and have linked it with my fitness pal account. On My fitness p...

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Calorie Target Goal Jan 09, 2016 05:39AM PST

If I consistently do less than my target goal is that OK.

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trying to connect to my UP app Jan 09, 2016 01:07AM PST

when I hit connect from UP it launches a safari session with a myfitnesspal login window, when I enter my user...

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Connection between MyfitnessPal and Ihealth Jan 08, 2016 03:54AM PST

I've problem with connection IHealth and Myfitnesspal. I click 'Partner services' and after t...

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Exercise calorie count is not accurate Jan 08, 2016 01:24AM PST

Since Jan 1st my 'exercise' part of MFP has only logged -150 calories. It oesn't matter if I do...

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Restaurant logging Jan 07, 2016 02:42PM PST

My app is up to date, but I don't see the location button to do the restaurant logging.

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Can not link Record with FitnessPal Jan 07, 2016 08:36AM PST

4 days ago I had not issues, my exercise calories from Record would show up automatically on the FitnessPal bu...

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sync with connect Jan 07, 2016 07:51AM PST

Still cannot sync, when I click on the sync now, on Garmin connect, it tries but just reverts to the last time...

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bar code scan Jan 07, 2016 06:13AM PST

I started an account for my husband on his computer then added the app to his iphone 6. When I tried to s...

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Carbs are calulated wrong Jan 06, 2016 09:19AM PST

I calculated my macros based off of 1812 calories which I came up with 136gP, 181gC, and 50gF @ 30% Protein, 4...

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