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Fitbit Charge 3 step tracking Mar 15, 2019 01:57PM PDT

I have tried everything but it seems my fitbit charge 3 will not sync up or show steps on my iPhone mobile app...

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Steps calories adjustment Mar 14, 2019 06:01AM PDT

Hi! I've been using Myfitnesspal now for around a month and it's great thanks very much! I do hav...

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Apple Watch Steps Mar 12, 2019 06:37AM PDT

Hello, I have enables the permissions for apple health and myfitnesspal to sync. The issue that I am havin...

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Why is "frequently used exercises" not the same on browser and app? Mar 11, 2019 08:57PM PDT

It doesn't make any sense that the browser and app wouldn't sync with each other as far as frequentl...

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calories burned in apple health app are not syncing with MFP Mar 11, 2019 04:26PM PDT

i have a 3rd party app that counts my calories burned during workouts and writes that information to my health...

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sync with apple watch? Mar 11, 2019 07:13AM PDT

I can't find how to sync myfitnesspal with my apple watch so that my exercise will show up. I used to ha...

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Google Fit Calorie Adjustment zero when I work out Mar 10, 2019 05:00AM PDT

I'm baffled by what's going on with Google Fit integration. Friday (no workout): MFP Android Go...

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can't get my steps to record Mar 04, 2019 12:13PM PST

I can't seem to get my steps to record. I have linked my account to both Samsung health and the Under Arm...

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Garmin Sync Mar 01, 2019 01:40PM PST

Good Afternoon, I have a Garmin watch and my steps sync fine with the app. however, the app is saying I a...

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calories burnth Feb 21, 2019 01:19PM PST

Why is it that every time I log exercise, it only stays at that amount burnt instead of including my daily ste...

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