Exercise Diary and Exercise Database

fitbit exercises Jan 17, 2018 10:18AM PST

I enabled my negative calories setting - it is my understanding that the steps logged on fit bit or any exerci...

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adding exercise minutes Jan 16, 2018 07:28PM PST

I don't find it's working, especially with the strength training. I can find an exercise in the data...

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adding calories to your daily allotment by exercising Jan 16, 2018 01:14PM PST

Is this correct, that after I document a workout/cardio, it adds those calories to that amount that I can have...

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Calories From Daily Steps Not Calculating Jan 16, 2018 08:10AM PST

I have just begun to use MFP again after taking a break from it. I have always earned back calories for the s...

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Calorie from exercise adjusting down Jan 15, 2018 06:53PM PST

Why are the calories from exercise that are subtracted from intake going down? Not as an overall effect from w...

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Google Fit Steps Double Counting Jan 15, 2018 04:51PM PST

Are steps being double counted? Tonight, when I go home, I did a 30 min run which counted me 350 bonus calorie...

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my fit bit steps are not showing up Jan 15, 2018 11:10AM PST

im am connected and my fitbit steps are not showing up

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Counting minutes of exercise Jan 15, 2018 10:37AM PST

Why does my calculation of minutes when put onto exercise log show up as double times on my Fitbit logs?

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Can't access Database from My Exercise Jan 15, 2018 06:45AM PST

Hello- I was looking something to account for a total body circuit in the gym. From the Database tab, I found...

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Can't get my fitbit to "talk" to My Fitness Pal Jan 15, 2018 05:53AM PST

Haven't used My Fitness Pal in awhile but in the past my fitbit would automatically sync to MFP app. Can...

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