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Android App Not Updating Web App (Windows/Chrome) Dec 19, 2015 09:03AM PST

I have tried everything to get the "history" of my workouts to upload to the website. Nothing works...

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Strength Training Lifting Weights only comes up under Cardio Dec 18, 2015 09:36AM PST

For some reason, strength training comes up ONLY under Cardio, not under Strength Training. I am keeping trac...

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Runkeeper MFP Sync Issue Dec 15, 2015 06:30PM PST

I noticed today that my exercises tracked with Runkeeper are not properly setting the start time. They look to...

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Add exercise to Iphone health Dec 14, 2015 06:05PM PST

I'm adding exercise (elliptical) to myfitnesspal but it is not converting to step on the iphone Health Mo...

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automatically applying steps as part of calories per day alottment Dec 14, 2015 10:11AM PST

For some reason, about 4 months ago, I found my steps were no longer automatically calculated in my "rema...

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Duplicate Workouts Dec 11, 2015 11:33AM PST

Hi, My workouts are duplicated on MFP; I use my fitbit and my apple watch when I workout. Unfortunately bot...

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Entered exercise does not show up on home page Dec 11, 2015 05:20AM PST

I entered several exercises on the exercise page but they do not show up on the home page calories + exercise?

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Wrong amount of calories computed for exercise Dec 10, 2015 01:45PM PST

The last couple of days, when I log time for an exercise, the (obviously) wrong amount of calories is computed...

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When are you going to add the functionality of just logging the number of steps from a pedometer? Dec 10, 2015 03:27AM PST

First think first, I can't even connect your walk tracking app to your fitness pal app.(Android 5.0) Sec...

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MFP iOS Steps counter not adjusting within the App Dec 09, 2015 06:40PM PST

my app is not adjusting my exercise calories for steps taken via iOS steps. But, when I login to the main sit...

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