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Steps Sync with FitBit Jan 03, 2016 07:39PM PST

Seems like many people are having the same problem and there is not an answer being provided from MFP. I have...

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erased steps from Pacer Jan 03, 2016 07:23PM PST

I accidentally erased my steps imported from the Pacer app day before yesterday. I cannot figure out how to re...

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Garmin Vivofit 2/MyFitnessPal syncing not complete Jan 03, 2016 06:47PM PST

I just emailed this question to MFP. While they're working on it, does anyone else have any ideas of what...

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Double or triple counting exercise Jan 03, 2016 03:55PM PST

MFP shows my exercise, usually three times, although only two have the same numbers and the third has close bu...

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which google fit activities sync to my MFP? Jan 03, 2016 02:46PM PST

So far the only activities that have synced from googlefit to mfp are stair climbing, step adjustments, and ru...

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MFP/MapMyRide Sync only works one-way Jan 03, 2016 10:38AM PST

MFP was previously linked to MapMyRide (MMR). Calories in MFP were syncing over to MMR just fine. Added workou...

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Confused about how and when MFP uses my iPhone's step counter Jan 02, 2016 06:29PM PST

My MFP uses the step counter in my iPhone, but what happens when I take my phone bicycling? I carry it in a fa...

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Digifit / apple watch / MFP intergration Jan 02, 2016 12:57PM PST

Is it possible to use the apple watch and the digifit application successfully together? Since MFP is having ...

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steps Jan 02, 2016 09:07AM PST

How can I add my Fitbit "steps" to my exercise tab on MyfitnessPal.

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Why does matter if I put the specific time I performed an exercise? Jan 02, 2016 05:02AM PST

When I enter a cardio exercise, I choose which one, and then it asks for Minutes Performed and Exercise Start ...

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