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My steps are not tracking any more. Nov 02, 2017 10:54AM PDT

Is there an issue? My phone tracked my steps yesterday, but stopped today. I have an iPhone 8 plus. I resta...

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PILATES Nov 02, 2017 01:03AM PDT

I can't add Pilates to strengthening exercise - only found in cardio exercises - how do I change this?

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Can't enter anything in the exercise tab Nov 01, 2017 08:28AM PDT

I cannot acccess the Exercise tab. The following error message appears when clicking on "Add Exercise&quo...

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Add Exercise function Oct 31, 2017 11:24AM PDT

Add Exercise function is not displaying accurate list. Please advise.

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Iwatch and Underarmor dashboard not logging in exercise to MFP Oct 30, 2017 05:52PM PDT

Hi my Iwatch activity and under armor dashboard are not syncing my exercises to MFP. Please help!

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No calorie adjustment for Fitbit steps but adjustments for iPhone steps? Oct 30, 2017 01:30PM PDT

I have today finally linked my Fitbit Blaze to my MFP app. The app is registering my steps correctly. Befor...

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Apple iWatch steps Oct 30, 2017 11:20AM PDT

I watch steps show up correctly under the calories remaining on the home page of the app but do not show up un...

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Samsung Health exercise Oct 29, 2017 05:22AM PDT

Just connected the 2 apps and am getting multiple entries of exercises imported into this app from Samsung hea...

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Calorie adjustment Oct 27, 2017 12:50PM PDT

Hello, I have read a number of questions and answers and I still don't understand the calorie adjustment....

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Unable to log excercise Oct 27, 2017 02:02AM PDT

Hi, when i click on add excercise button, i am getting an application error like below MyFitnessPal Ther...

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